Our approach is design first

Thinking forward, acting today

Investigate and Research, Design and Develop

Software & Hardware

We make new Software and IoT solutions for our customers. We are also offering own Industrial IoT solution - MDv3. 


Helping customers achieve higher security. We also offer own cybersecurity solution for always-on system integrity - EnactTrust.

Constantly curious

Going beyond the tech field and making research into new fields, such as Machine Learning, while also advancing existing fields such as Distributed Computing.

Words from our Founder & CEO

Dimitar Tomov

After taking part in the design and creation of many new products for companies of various sizes, I took the next step in my personal journey and founded DesignFirst in the beginning of 2018. Initially, it was just me, but it took only few months to form a small team of Embedded Systems engineers to start the industrialization of our first own product - MDv3.
Meanwhile, my expertise continued to be sought by past customers from my times as freelance R&D engineer. So, DesignFirst took its true form of an independent design house that helps other companies solve their innovation challenges in bringing new products to the market, while also creating innovation for own complete solutions - MDv3 and EnactTrust.
The name of the company represents exactly that, literally - Design first, before starting to implement. I will always stand by this notion, because thanks to this thought process I was able to achieve sucessful results when others failed. This gave me the confidence to bring likeminded people together as a team.
This approach is what unites everyone working at DesignFirst and enables us to solve any challenge. Achieving more tomorrow is not an issue, when you have forward thinking about the design today.