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Who are we

Team of engineers with expertise spanning over vast range of different technologies and market sectors. From metering, industrial and medical to specific-purpose products. We are also accompanied by individual experts in specific fields Our efforts are dedicated to Open-source firmware products. Get to know the team.

As a company, we identify ourselves as driver for new solutions. There are two types of companies, broadly speaking: companies tagging along for the emerging open-source firmware market and companies who are going to drive the open-source firmware market. More about the latter in our Lightning talk.

What we do

We offer a thought-through product development process. From idea to solution, to market. Our motto is research and development by doing design first. More about the company Culture.

What's new

Work started on our first own product HyperTrust and engagement for promoting new business models with genuine open-source firmware, more in our Lightning talk.

DesignFirst OÜ offers R&D consulting too.

Feel free to contact us with your queries :-)