MDv3 by DesignFirst

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Manufacture without vendor dependency

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MDv3 is the world's first industrial platform for metal detection with open-design.

Easy maintenance

Predictable in-house maintenance. No more missing information. No more delayed access to spare parts.

Thanks to our open-design approach, the complete technical documentation is available to your team.

Quick integration

The full list of configuration parameters and options are also open, saving you time during commissioning of new equipment.

Integration with 3rd party systems is possible, because our system design is open and communication can be established with ease.

More throughput

Production capacitiy is optimized thanks to the openly available fine tunning from A to Z.

Reduced downtime as result of the rapid throubleshooting and quicker reconfiguration when switching the product for your manufacturing lines.

MDv3 - Complete control over your equipment.

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